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Part 7 - Renew

A merging of opposites, Renew blends the poetic with the practical. The ethereal beauty of flowers and the earthy experience of growing them. Facets of couture flourish amid utilitarian details: there’s a European style sensibility, brought home.

A tailored gardening jacket does double duty: capacious bellows pockets are large enough to hold handfuls but when left empty, waist cinched, the silhouette is Paris circa 1947.

A voluminous hooded parka blends the idea of army surplus with sensations of luxury: executed in silk twill, it billows and sails beneath a dramatic collar.

Practicality is softened with relaxed elegance. See it in the chalk and pencil colour palette and the Wilting Meadow floral prints. Look closer at the Icelandic sheepskin tote bag suspended from silkrouleaux straps; the weighty silver jewellery with delicate surface engravings, organic forms based on refined floral sketches.

Throughout, functional details drive home the message of beautiful clothes made to be worn, over andover. Pieces from past collections – a painter’s shirt, a pair of ‘Re-work’ Levis – are delivered in fresh fabrics and prints, because why discard the things that work? The clothes you love are keepers.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” John Keats

Jewellery: Benjamin Gallagher for Rory William Docherty

Benjamin Gallagher is an Australian Artist and Jeweller.
Benjamin’s practice offers an austere and efficient resolve for our times. One that utilises traditional craft and trade skills to fashion functional objects rendered in materials that will age with grace to endure the centuries that have inspired them.

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