About Hame

Part 2 – Hame

In an increasingly uncertain and seemingly unstable world, I seek an emotional connection, the strength, calm and comfort of a home of my making.

I grew up with Scottish parents in the New Zealand countryside. Memories, dreams and hopes intertwine like Fair Isle cables in painting a romanticised eutopia: Landscapes of highland heather and Scottish botanicals bloom wildly out of proportion: hand knitted jumpers of my childhood morph into carved Pictish Stones. Puffins gaggle in velvet alongside Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret MacDonald at the Hogmanay parties of my imagination.

Part 2 – Hame comforts with a romanticism and gaze beyond time or place. Three of my original pencil and watercolour works have become the anchor prints. The watercolour Hills of Heather, is reimagined in an exaggerated silk georgette painters shirt, donned with the kilt front linen crop trouser. Delicate embroidered Scottish botanicals grow up the sleeves of a wool cashmere jacket, then reappear enlarged to fairy-tale proportions quilted in a cloud like jacket and coat. Shetland puffins are playfully stylized jostling across a pleated shirt, skirt and a one shouldered blouse with gossamer silk bows.

Eutopia can be found in the everyday. I’m sharing mine with you; Hame.

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