About Rebuild

Part 6.5 – Rebuild

A considered collection of effortless pieces to rebuild a wardrobe for a new era.

As we seek to define our new normal, the time feels right to reflect.
What is essential and uplifting? What do we need and desire in our wardrobes now, and in the future? More relevance; accommodating our lives as we rebuild; working from home to the office and back. Core items intermix together, and with seasons past, offering solutions for the weekend, work, and the evening, with a spirit of independence.

Inspiration was found quite literally on the back door step of the Victorian building where I live.
The collection reflects the immediate; aesthetically and emotionally, in the architectural origami like details, and the elongated and exaggerated proportions which envelop, empower and comfort with a familiarity of home.

Crafted to last in beautiful fabrics, with as much consideration to comfort and cost per wear as to the vision.
Raw silk is rendered relaxed, washed and crumpled. Paper touch Japanese cotton reappears in the meticulously refined foundation styles.
The much-celebrated Big Trench from Refresh is reimagined as a shorter must have jacket in Japanese Triacetate.

Unmistakably Rory William Docherty with original artworks in billowing silk twill, and signature silhouettes. Essential, optimistic, restrained and relevant.

What do we need right now? We need to Rebuild.

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