About Iris

Part 4 – Iris

Iris is a study in growth; personal and emotional, observational and reflective of societal change.

Development began months before Covid entered the public psyche. I had my first showing in Paris and the future looked bright. Yet as the world began to crumble, I questioned the direction I was taking, the trajectory and pace. I paused remembering my intentions from the start “I wanted to create something personal and new, but still beautiful, unapologetically so, relatable but not of the moment, like a lingering dream”.

The vision grew from a series of charcoal sketches and observational drawings of Iris flowers grown in my garden. Transposed onto various silks and velvets in multiple scales, delicately embroidered on Egyptian cotton, and reflected in draped petal shapes and sculptural pleated pod sleeves.

The Iris, known to represent faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration. Born of a bulb after a period of introspection in the dark, emerging assured, exposing their unique, vibrant yet delicate flowers, like a hopeless romantic.

Iris is a complete wardrobe, taking you from monday meetings, wednesday work lunch, friday evening drinks, saturday’s event, to sunday brunch. Considered multi purpose pieces that work for a modern lifestyle.

Part 4 includes new superfine Merino knitwear styles. Knitted locally, the genderless rib back tank and turtleneck serve to anchor the dramatic prints, responding to all of our needs for well made ongoing foundation pieces.

Pieces from each of the past collections are included in the Iris shoot to illustrate the aesthetic continuity, and core values of Rory William Docherty as seasonless slow fashion and timeless craftsmanship.

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