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Part 5 – The Colour of Dreams

What are the colours of your dreams? Without the bombardment of external influences, we reflect, contemplating our values, choices, and dreams. These last years have been a journey into yourself, where you can find landscapes in all colours of the rainbow with the need of both rain and sun to make their colors appear.

As a down-to-earth dreamer Rory William Docherty focuses on the creative process where drawings evolve into paper maquettes, are enlarged and draped into fluid and sculptural forms, refining the conceptual into garments that feel reassuringly familiar yet aspirational. The latest collection “The Colour of Dreams” is inspired by the times we live in and the duality of Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams with Gustav Klimt’s visual exploration of the unconscious. It’s an inspiration that is fluid, no-boundaries

Freud addressed neurosis with austerity while Klimt indulged erotic fantasy in elaborate, rich paintings seemingly without limitations. A mirroring of our time; limitations fueling a longing for something more beautiful, where colour reflects a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams. The need for intelligence, genderless, classic, practical, juxtapose the desire to play, for freedom, appreciation, exoticism, sexuality, indulgence.

The collection is carefully crafted and hand-finished in New Zealand perfected with local artisans. A selection of Perennial styles; a wardrobe of classics, designed as season-less staples that can stand alone or mix and match with soigné nonchalance and a dash of extravagance addressing the real-world need for quality, not quantity.

Ongoing silhouettes in black, white, and ivory, including the much loved multi-tie painter’s shirt in different forms and different propositions; maxi dresses create a romantic flow, to dresses that hit the mid-calf or hover above the ankle. Slinks of crushed silk cut to spiral round the body like affectionate serpents, cascading tassels sway around the body, blurring the beginning and end. A spirit of optimism, lightness, and verve.

Imaginative prints, precious fabrics, and fine details exude savoir-faire and feminine sophistication. The effect is one of commanding elegance. The fine lines of Rory’s pencil strokes from his original paintings printed on the fabrics and tassels show the hopeless romantic he is; dreamscape sky gardens, bloom and bleed on sumptuous silk velvets, featherweight georgettes, and billowing twills. With an expressive colour palette, the colour of this dream brings a gasping wonder to the colour wheel, mixing pale pink, sky blue, creamy yellow with darker shades such as deep purple and mallard green.

“The color of Dreams” launches an expertly-crafted line of fine leather bags incorporating signature details with a timeless appeal in various sizes and colours. An understated design with fuss-free utility, precision, and integrity, reflecting the enduring power of simplicity.

To the ones who dream at night, the ones who dream during the day, no one’s dreams are the same. So, what are the colours of your dreams?

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