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Rory believes in the value of education. He grew up surrounded by educators: his mum a Primary School Teacher, and dad an Art Teacher and practicing Artist. Throughout Rory’s career he has been a guest tutor and lecturer at design schools and universities.
“It’s important for us working in the industry to engage with the generation looking to enter this workforce. To have a two-way dialogue about the reality of the current state of the industry, its opportunities and threats, and to listen to the hopes of the future generation and how they can fit into an ever changing, challenging and established industry. If we want those coming though the education system to have the skills the industry needs, we must get involved.”
Each semester Rory takes students from tertiary fashion programmes to work directly with him in his studio.
‘I won’t ask them to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. It’s a small team.”
Students gain exposure to a huge variety of processes and stages of design, development, fitting, sampling, manufacturing, photoshoots, ecom, etc. In May 2025 Rory took an intern along with his team to attend Australian Fashion Week.
“My internship has been one of, if not the most, rewarding experiences within my fashion career, I have learned more than I could ever acquire in a classroom. From simple tips such as putting paper under silk when cutting so it doesn’t move, to seeing in full motion what it takes to run your own label in New Zealand, and the amount of work involved in producing an internationally recognized runway. It allowed me to see how many areas of work there are within the industry: I’ve discovered new roles that I didn’t even know existed, some which I could see myself working within in the future.”

Support Local

We work with local patternmakers, fabric suppliers, sample machinists, garment manufacturers, tie manufacturers, models, agencies, hair and makeup artists, stylists, magazines and photographers.

Partners in Craft

“I drape, pattern and toile styles as part of the design development process. The evolution and realisation of a design happens at this crucial stage. It is the same with our accessories. I am privileged to work with a talented friend and collaborator to create our unique bags and hats.” Rory works with a highly skilled Auckland-based multi-disciplinary creative who specialises in leather and sculpture. With a shared love of form and function, the accessories evolve in response to concept, materiality and purpose. The mutual respect and friendship of creator and designer is evident in Rory William Docherty’s signature joyful pieces that balance craft, concept and practicality.

Creative Collaborators

It is a privilege and honour to collaborate creatively with many talented people.

Including, Samuel Drira, Cecile Bortoletti, Sybille Walter, Wang Liang, Derek Henderson, Oriana De Luca, Chouaib Arif, Huong Choo, Benjamin Gallagher, Gisella Zambarelli, James Caswell, KirstenBucholtz, Kal Reston, Wade Whitington, Mara Sommer, Tim White, Josh Szeto, Mayu Morimoto, Asami Kawai, Mountain Gao, Virginia Carde, Paloma Garcia, Linda Jeffereyes, Victoria Harvy, Abigail Brodrick, Greg Burrows, Mel Mundt, Barbara Tee, Scott Docherty, Michael Whittacker, Meike Van Roij, Jordan Draffin, Becky Skirrow, Lola Bebe, Oliver Moss…

Global Manufacturing: Quality, reliability, scalability, trust and transparency.

In order to reliably and consistently deliver the kind of quality and variety of styles that our customers have come to expect, we have formed a manufacturing partnership with an *independently audited and certified factory in China. This enables us to pivot between one-off pieces and large production orders.

Rory has been working with one specific factory for over 20 years, beginning when he was involved at the fast-paced commercial end of the industry. Both share an ethos: a dedication to improving quality while also learning and imparting skills and craftsmanship. The process is a testament to Rory’s belief in forging meaningful, long-term relationships with everyone involved in the business.

The factory is a pillar of professional excellence. Well exceeding best practice, human rights and ethical guidance, the staff are treated with respect and paid beyond the fair living standards wage. With exceptional staff retention, many have been with the company for over 15 years. Longstanding staff members have been given shares in the company, and are treated to paid airfare and accommodation holidays to New Zealand and Australia.

“I visit the office, sample room and factory annually, and work with the team directly. The facilities and equipment are exceptional, the service, knowledge and skills are refreshingly in depth and proficient. Our ongoing friendship and partnership is something we all relish.”

*Independently audited and certified by Intertek

Men's apparel (PC0001); Women's apparel (PC0002)
Manufacturing (PR0016); Packing (PR0020); Warehousing (PR0031)
Men's apparel (PC0001); Women's apparel (PC0002)
Manufacturing (PR0016); Packing (PR0020); Warehousing (PR0031)

Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report

Labour Standards, Health and Safety (plus Environment 2-Pillar), Environment 4-pillar, Business Ethics

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