About Love Collateral

Love Collateral
Resort 2025

'Love Collateral' appreciates beauty in the often overlooked. Pausing to take a moment, and really look. In a saturated world, we dispose of so much so often. Dismissing without thought, a toss of trash, a swipe or scroll. When challenged, or encouraged to slow down, we might stop to smell the roses. Ok, but a rose is easy and obvious to appreciate. Let's look a little further. Look at what we've discarded.

By observing the unobserved we appreciate unseen subtleties and nuance. Consider this in our relationships, with others, with ourselves, with what we surround ourselves with. Be conscious of those choices and actions. Through careful observation and meticulous reinterpretation, what was discarded in a swift careless gesture is elevated as something to admire.

'Love Collateral' evolves from the previous collection - This is Not a Love Story. Speaking to individuals, pieces transcend seasons, gender and age. The design ethos remains, merging the poetic with the practical, expressing masculinity and femininity and blending grace and drama with the kind of easy pieces – Re-Work Levi’s, refined knitwear and relaxed cotton shirting – that have universal appeal.

‘Accidental origami’ a series of delicate and precise pencil drawings of screw up paper, appear like unintentional flowers printed on silks and velvets. While the forms are enlarged to envelop the body in sculptural shapes. 3D forms interplay with 2 dimensional depictions, blurring the lines of depth and perception.

‘Paint collateral’ uplifted from a former drop cloth, celebrates spontaneous marking, unconscious compositions and colour combinations. A joyful naivety interrupts sophisticated silhouettes.


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