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Part 3- Hope

Part 3 (shown in Paris for Pre-Fall ‘20) reflects on my childhood vision of the future.

Sweeping landscapes and sculptural dwellings of a galaxy far far away reminds me of the geometric abstract paintings of British Artist Ben Nicholson.

Costume designer John Mollo referenced Samurai at a time when Japanese design philosophy was impacting the post disco western world of 1980.

Dark cloaked figures set in metallic industrial spaces draw to mind the bronzes of Lynn Chadwick.

The phoenix, the transcendental embodiment of hope and rebellion, is a central character drawn ghost like in pencil and chalk on wing shaped pieces in the finest cotton and feather light silk.

These references became the cast in my fluid narrative – a story draped in texture, colour and form.

Painted brush strokes colour soft architectural shapes, cut in papery silk crepe, liquid silk satin and silk velvet.

Evolving from the contemplative to the assertive, with reference to classical men’s tailoring and unapologetic glamour.

Journey with me to a world of Hope.

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